Chinese military-grade drones arrive in Serbia

NEWS 30.06.2020 20:32
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane

A shipment of military-grade Chinese drones has been delivered to Serbia, the Sputnik portal reported on Tuesday.

The CH-92A armed drones arrived at Batajnica air base in an Ilyushin transport plane, the portal said. The Serbian government bought the drones for reconnaissance but they can be armed with bombs and missiles. They will be operated by the Serbian Air Force and launched from the locally-produced FAP 2228 truck.

Sputnik recalled that acting assistant Defense Minister in charge of material resources Nenad Miloradovic said earlier this year that a total of six of the drones will be delivered. He said that experts from the Serbian Military Technical Institute (VTI) have been in China for some time working with their Chinese counterparts to integrate the Chinese drone system with the Serbian Pegaz drones.

Sputnik said that the CH-92A drone has a wingspan of just under 10 meters, an operational radius of 150 kilometers at altitudes of up to 5,000 meters and speeds of up to 200 kilometers an hour. It can carry two guided missiles and is used for reconnaissance.