UM's VIDA Platform – world innovation in TV advertising

NEWS 22.06.2020 21:17
Source: N1

United Media company has recently presented its latest innovation – the VIDA (Video Dynamic Advertising) addressable advertising project based on its EON platform, N1 reported.

The VIDA platform for addressable advertising will be available in the region for the first time, and it brings innovations to the global industry because it will make possible changes in advertising blocks during live programmes.

„This is one of the latest innovation by United Media, this time in the area of advertising, i.e., the addressable advertising, which is the world trend,“ Marija Matic, the head of the project in UM told N1.

She added that VIDA would enable viewers who watch the same content to see different information during advertising time.

Also, the change in the ads can be done on all devices a programme is watched on – TV, desktop, mobile devices.

„This innovation puts us alongside the world-known advertising companies. Our project aims at changing the ads when their starting time is unknown. That’s mostly the case during sports events, and no one else has managed to do that so far except our platform,“ Matic said.

She added UM had confirmation by the European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) which said VIDA was among three addressable platforms in Europe.“

There are two aspects: the consumers targeted by an ad, and the other is that the viewers will see the ads meant for them,“ Matic said.

She added that „the platform is available and there is a great interest in the market. The platform enables small and middle-size businesses to advertise themselves in the prime time in addition to big companies. I invite all those who haven’t advertised themselves on TVs so far to use our platform.“

Matic explains that VIDA is broadcast on EON digital platform. In that marketing space, the ads will be changed. So, the audience will watch programmes and see ads relevant to them.

„We will coordinate with the advertisers what kind of ads, campaign and alike will be and that is similar to the current TV advertising, „Matic said.