Adria Tour cancels final tennis match, one player tested positive on new virus

NEWS 21.06.2020 20:41
Source: Print screen/SK

The final match between Novak Djokovic and Andrey Rublev in a Croatian coastal town of Zadar during the Adria Tour regional humanitarian tennis tournament was cancelled after their Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov said he was positive on the coronavirus, N1 reported on Sunday.

Early on Monday, Goran Ivanisevic, the Zadar tournament director and Djokovic’s coach said that no other player was tested positive on the coronavirus.

Just before the final was to start at 8 pm, Grigorov said he contracted the new virus, adding he was sorry if he infected someone.

 „We have just received the news about Dimitrov being positive, and we will have to cancel the final for the safety of all of us, the players and all people,“ 


 He wished Dimitrov all the best on behalf of the organisers.

„This is the only right decision. Thank you for these great three days, but we had to cancel the final. I apologise. We don’t want more people to get infected. Thank you and see you again,“ Ivanisevic added.
Some media reported that Djokovic and others would be tested on the coronavirus.