United Media new programme will look 'behind news'

NEWS 19.06.2020 10:37
Source: Printscreen

The United Media starts the production of new news programme Newsmax Adria which will become a TV channel in Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina by the end of the year, Nova S TV reported on Friday.

The news programme director, Slobodan Georgijev, so far a journalist with the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), said that „we will make a programme which will look behind the news, to offer a different content of the information which „Serbia’s people „are bombed daily with.“

„We will deal with the importance of events, and I think that’s what people in Serbia, exposed to chaos and the avalanche of information by ‘PR channels,’ need,“ Georgijev told Nova S morning show ‘Wake UP.’

The hosts will be Jelena Obucina and Goran Dimitrijevic.

„We want to emphasise the most important (events), to summarise the day, to show people what is the most relevant story, and what the accompanying events are. That is a bit different from traditional news programme concept,“ Georgijev said.

He added that in the new concept, the journalists would decide which story was the most important and that their job would be to filter the events.

Georgiev said he decide to change the journalistic form from press and online job to TV because it was something new in his career.

„I did what I could in press and online journalism, and this looked like a good opportunity for a career change. It’s difficult to refuse to lead a TV channel, but I’m not afraid of challenges. I think we have a very good team here, and I would like to achieve the result in the next six years, as N1 crew has done so far,“ Georgijev said.