New pressure on United Group by Serbia's Tax Administration

NEWS 18.06.2020 12:03
Source: Promo

After requesting the tax return data from Dragan Solak, a co-owner of the United Group (UG), who is not Serbia's taxpayer, the country's Tax Administration asked the UG book-keeping company to provide data about the tax paid by Dragica Pilipovic Chaffey, the Group's vice-president and a Great Britain and not Serbia's citizen, who lives in the UK, N1 reported on Thursday.

 Pilipovic Chaffey told N1 she regularly paid tax while living and working in Serbia.

„The company I worked for regularly paid all taxes and income contributions it was obliged to. I’ll never have a pension or any other benefit based on that money in Serbia. By regularly paying my and all employees’ taxes and income contributions, respecting Serbia’s laws, the UG provided enough money to social funds which other residents will benefit from,“ Pilipovic Chaffey said.


 In the continued persecution by the authorities, UG-owned media are exposed to constant pressure by the state officials and pro-regime tabloids, and journalists are almost daily subjected to threats and labelling due to the independent editorial policy.

At the same time, the Government targets Dragan Solak, a UG co-owner, as an enemy of the state.  

N1 is a part of the United Group.