Serbian DefMin Vulin sees new armored vehicle

NEWS 17.06.2020 18:41
Source: Ministarstvo odbrane

The Zastava TERVO company organized a presentation of a prototype of its M-20 MRAP 6x6 armored vehicle for Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin and chief of staff General Milan Mojsilovic, a ministry press release said on Wednesday.

The press release said that the personnel transport vehicle can is armored to withstand fire and landmine blasts, adding that personnel can open fire from within the vehicle making it one of the best solutions in its category”.

Vulin told the presentation that the new vehicle is a huge step forward because it can safely transport personnel protected from infantry weapons fire and landmines. “There are few countries in the world that can make a vehicle like this, about 10. We have joined the club of high-technology nations,” he said adding that the entire vehicle was developed and made in Serbia.

“This army is simply no longer the same. Things are changing for the better. Thanks to the great trust and personal contribution by supreme commander Aleksandar Vucic and the ability to save his soldier, make sure he is safe and secure,” Vulin said, adding that he hopes the new vehicle will be in use by the military soon.