Brnabic appears instead of Vucic on TV talk show

Source: N1

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic failed to appear on a talk show on Monday evening and was replaced by Prime Minister Ana Brnabic.

Vucic was announced as the guest on the Cirilica show a day earlier. No explanation was given for the change of guest.  

Brnabic said on the show that the pandemic is under control and the elections can go ahead safely.  

She said that her cabinet is prepared for the elections which are necessary to continue the development of Serbia. “All conditions are in place to hold them even though some people are not prepared,” she said live on the pro-government TV Happy.  

Brnabic said that her government has built roads and factories and lowered unemployment. “We are raising everything we can from the ashes,” she said.  

According to the Prime Minister, the changes in Serbia under the current authorities are evident.