Serbian election commission registers right-wing group

NEWS 10.06.2020 09:55
Source: FoNet/Aleksandar Barda

The Serbian central election commission (RIK) overturned its own decision to refuse registration to a right-wing group for the June 21 elections a day after it ruled that the Levijatan Movement failed to submit the required number of signatures in support of its candidates.

The RIK initially refused to register Levijatan’s list of candidates because the group had not submitted the required 10,000 voter signatures and instructed it to submit the rest to meet the requirement. When Levijatan came up with almost 4,000 signatures the RIK ruled that it could not have collected them on its own in the short time between submissions and refused the registration.  

Levijatan is alleged to have the support of the Serbian authorities.  

Acting on an appeal at a third meeting on the night of Tuesday-Wednesday, the RIK decided to accept the signatures and register the list of candidates for the parliamentary elections. RIK Chairman Vladimir Dimitrijevic told the meeting that Levijatan had submitted 10,847 voter signatures.