Kragujevac hospital chief forgets SBB donation

Source: United Group

A local news portal in Kragujevac said on Monday that the head of the city Clinincal Center failed to invite the SBB Foundation to a reception for donors of medical equipment.

The portal said that Clinical Center chief Predrag Sazdanovic told a reporter at the reception that he simply forgot to invite the SBB Foundation even though it donated 600 liters of medicinal alcohol to the hospital.

“Asked by a reporter (and journalists were also selectively invited with only pro-regime media welcome) why SBB was not there, Dr Sazdanovic smiled and said I forgot,” the portal said and recalled that the SBB cable services provider is owned by Dragan Solak, chairman of the United Group board which owns N1 TV, Nova S and their portals and Sport Klub.  

According to Kragujevacke Novine, Solak (originally from Kragujevac) has fallen foul of the authorities who have labeled him and opposition leader Dragan Djilas as tycoons, thieves and destroyers of Serbia. It recalled that Solak donated two pieces of medical equipment worth 15,000 Euro to the Kragujevac Clinical Center just before the New Year and that SBB is providing free Internet and cable TV access to the hospital and its staff.