United Media welcomes Slovenian court ruling on Sportklub channels

NEWS 08.06.2020 11:53
Source: N1

United Media expressed satisfaction on Monday over a Slovenian court’s ruling to overturn an order from a competition protection body to sell its sports channels in that country.

“United Media is expressing satisfaction with the ruling by the Administrative Court of the Republic of Slovenia to overturn the decision by the Agency for the Protection of Competition (AVK) in regard to United Media’s obligation to sell the Sportklub TV sports channels in Slovenia over an alleged violation of the competition rules,” a press release said.  

“The court determined that the AVK did not correctly and completely determine the facts and that United Media was denied the right to speak on some facts relevant to a proper ruling,” it added. The press release recalled that the Administrative Court ruled that the Agency acted too strictly and willfully defined relevant markets without taking into consideration all the facts, including those that United Media drew attention to.

“The incorrect defining of the markets led to an incorrect decision and the AVK is now forced to take a new decision which will be based on complete and full determining of the facts. The AVK does not have the right to appeal and the Agency will be obliged to repeat the procedure,” the press release said.

“United Media warned when filing the complaint over the AVK decision that the Agency decision was not inline with European Union laws and was exceptionally discriminatory and bad for all sports fans in Slovenia,” it added.

“The United Media company will continue broadcasting the Sportklub sports TV programs which bring the most important and most popular sports events to viewers in Slovenia,” the company said. United Media includes the N1 TV station.