Man who threatened N1 reporter suspected of stalking

NEWS 05.06.2020 19:34
Source: N1

Belgrade Prosecutors' Office said on Friday it ordered detention for a man who repeatedly threatened N1's reporter Dusan Mladjenovic in the street, calling him names in front of his minor child, the Insajder independent production reported.

Vladimir Drakulic is suspected of the stalking.

The Prosecutor’s Office said he was convicted of endangering of safety after threatening Natasa Jeremic, the wife of Serbia’s politician Vuk Jeremic.“He received six months suspended sentence which hasn’t expired.“

Drakulic approached N1’s Mladjenovic three times, telling him he should be ashamed for working with ‘the treacherous American TV.“

„If the system does not intervene, that man won’t stop,“ Veran Matic, the head of the Commission for Protection of Journalists and a member of the Permanent Group for Journalists; Safety, said.