CoE Journalism Platform adds alert regarding threats against N1's reporter

NEWS 04.06.2020 13:33
Source: N1

The Council of Europe has added an alert regarding the threats against N1 reporter Nikola Vucic on its Platform for the Protection of Journalism and Safety of Journalists, saying that authorities have not yet reacted to the attacks on the journalist.

Vucic received numerous threats online after he posted a comment on Twitter in late May. He commented on the news that the West-Herzegovina Canton was declared a “corona-free” zone, sarcastically asking when it will be a “fascism-free zone.”


“The comment was followed by threats and calls for violence against him, including statements that Vucic should end up “in Neretva river or put on a stake. He was labelled as “halal Serb”, and received numerous other insulting messages against him and his family. Vucic has since closed his Twitter account while some media reported details of his life that bear no public interest,” the alert on the CoE Platform says.

The threats against him are classified as “Attacks on physical safety and integrity of journalists.”

The status of the alert says “No state reply yet.”