Kosovo govt. spokesperson: Reciprocal measures announced earlier

Source: N1

Kosovo government spokesperson Perparim Krueziu said Sunday that government's new measure, regarding the goods from Serbia, was adopted in accordance with the strategy of gradual reciprocity and on the basis of a previous assessment of the applied measures.

 Krueziu told Kossev that new measures were announced on March 31 and that the government was carrying out activities „in accordance with the time frame for the implementation of new measures.“

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„The new measure is part of our intention to establish full reciprocity towards Serbia. Based on the first decision, it was determined that an assessment of the first measures will be made, and based on that assessment, new measures will be adopted. That is exactly what happened yesterday,“ said Krueziu.

 On Saturday evening, the Kosovo government made a decision that vehicles with Serbian goods cannot enter Kosovo without a special permit and that it is obligatory for the documents for the import of goods to indicate the „Republic of Kosovo.“