NBS: Serbia’s gross foreign currency reserves €12.79 billion

NEWS 14.05.2020 17:41
Source: N1

Serbia’s gross foreign currency reserves stood on 12.79 billion Euro in April, 321.7 million lower, the National Bank (NBS) said in a statement on Thursday, the Beta news agency reported.

Net reserves at the end of April were 10.67 billion Euro and were 457.2 million higher y/y.

Net foreign currency income in April in several categories was “more than sufficient” to cover the net foreign currency outflow.

The national Dinar currency weakens 0.1 percent nominally, and its value to Euro has been almost unchanged since the beginning of this year.

NBS said it sold net 440 million Euro at the inter-banking currency market in April. Since the beginning of the year, it sold a total of 625 million Euro.