Serbian ruling party claims attacks on its offices in Vojvodina

NEWS 11.05.2020 09:14
Source: N1

The Vojvodina branch of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) claimed on Monday that its offices across the northern Serbian province had been vandalized.

A statement called the relevant authorities to “stop the hooligans who have been attacking SNS offices across the province for days”. It listed several town where SNS offices have allegedly been attacked.  

“We sharply condmen this violence and call all citizens, intellectuals and the entire Serbian public to clearly distance themselves from the policy of violence reflected in the demolition of our offices by political rivals,” the SNS Media Center for Vojvodina said in the statement.  

It added that the electorate will confirm that violence and primitive behavior will are not an option by voting for Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic and the SNS on June 21.