Pre-school facilities reopen across Serbia

NEWS 11.05.2020 09:01
Source: N1

Kindergartens across Serbia reopened on Monday, following their closure during the state of emergency declared to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Parents of pre-school children are required to provide confirmation in writing that their kids are healthy as well as a note from employers that they have to return to work.

Belgrade’s Deputy Mayor Goran Vesic told the Beoinfo city news portal that of the 5,890 staff will return to work at pre-school facilities, not including 225 nurses, cleaners and drivers who were transferred to hospitals and other medical facilities and other staff who were in contact with people infected with the coronavirus. Vesic is quoted as saying that 30 percent of children, or some 25,000, are expected to return to kindergarten.

He said that the pre-school facilities have been disinfected. Day care facilities for younger elementary school children are also re-opening on Monday.