N. Macedonia issues postage stamp showing Bosnia, Serbia as part of Croatia

NEWS 09.05.2020 14:42
Source: Screenshot

Wishing to thank Croatia for their support to North Macedonia's EU accession process, the authorities in this Western Balkan country issued a postage stamp showing Bosnia and Herzegovina as part of the Greater Croatia from the time of the fascist statelet – Independent State of Croatia (NDH).

The postage stamp from the “North Macedonia in the EU” series was issued on the occasion of the Victory in Europe Day and apart from showing the St. Mark’s square and the stylized Croatian flag in the borders of the Greater Croatia, it evidently shows Bosnia and Herzegovina within those borders.

North Macedonia-based MKD news portal was first to spot the mistake, saying that the designers, editors and the director of the North Macedonian Post Office obviously had no idea about Croatia’s geography and history.

The portal continued saying that the Post Office obviously thought that the EU member state, Croatia, today covers the areas of modern-day Bosnia and Herzegovina and parts of Serbia and Montenegro. As was the idea of Greater Croatia.

They pointed out that the stamp was published on the Post’s website, and it will probably be promoted on Sunday, provided that no note arrives from the Croatian embassy in Skopje.

„And then we will wait for a statement of responsibility for this scandalous move by the said state institution,“ MKD wrote.