Interior Minister: Police detain 15 people for attacking Serbia’s MPs

NEWS 08.05.2020 13:54
Source: N1

Nebojsa Stefanovic, Serbia’s Interior Minister, said on Friday that police had detained 15 people who took part in the incident outside the country’ Parliament when the opposition nationalist Dveri Movement MPs tried to prevent the ruling coalition’s deputies from entering the building, N1 reported.

„These people will immediately go before the misdemeanour courts which will punish them in line with the law,” the Minister said in a statement.

He described the eventas “pure fascist attack by (Dveri leader) Bosko Obradovic and some (opposition) Alliance for Serbia supporter on MPs and others who wanted to enter the National Assembly,” Stefanovic said.

The leader of the Serbian Radical Party (SRS) and convicted war criminal Vojislav Seselj called for Minister’s dismissal because the police did not react during the incident.