Public transport restarts in Belgrade and Nis; bus caught fire in capital


A day after anti-coronavirus Crisis Team was adamant that the public transport in Belgrade should restart gradually, first for those who had to go to work, while the people over 65 years of age should be the last to be allowed to use public transport as the most vulnerable group, the decision was changed, and the regime went back on Friday to where it was before March 15 when Serbia declared the state of emergency, N1 reported.

Unfortunately, it resumed with an incident when a bus caught fire in the Belgarde Terazije tunnel. The driver noticed some smoke on time, and no one from a few passengers was injured.

As of this morning, the public traffic restarted in the southern city of Nis for all population groups.

 Instead of selective use of public transport, in the beginning, people were advised to maintain all protective measures as keeping distance and wearing masks and gloves, while the allowed seats were marked.

An N1 reporter says that there are fewer passengers in busses, some without masks, but mostly obey the recommendation to enter through front doors only. Drivers wear masks.