Serbian Oppostion SzS says boycott decision is final

NEWS 07.05.2020 20:39
Source: N1

The opposition Alliance for Serbia (SzS) leader told N1 on Thursday that the organization’s decision to boycott the coming elections is final.

“We decided at a SzS Presidency meeting three days ago to remain firm in the boycott because the conditions have not changed and are much worse than in April,” SzS chair Janko Veselinovic said, adding that another important reason not to change the decision is because of the ongoing pandemic.  

“Everyone from the authorities and opposition who calls voters to turn out for the June 21 elections is consciously risking their health,” he said.  

Asked about the possibility of the Movement of Free Citizens (PSG) changing its decision to boycott the elections, Veselinovic said that the SzS would not accuse anyone of being on (Serbian President Aleksandar) Vucic’s payroll. “If their decision to run in the elections is final, it benefits the Vucic regime and will certainly not help overcome the crisis which the world and the European Union has recognized,” he said.

Opposition leaders met in Belgrade on Thursday to discuss their decision to boycott the elections. The SzS invited the PSG and other parties and civic movements to the meeting.