Media watchdog orders Serbian ruling party MP off the air

Source: Arhiva

The Serbian electronic media watchdog organization is ordering a ruling party official’s talk show off the air during the election campaign.

Regulatory Body for Electronic Media (REM) official Olivera Zekic said that “Kopernikus TV will be ordered to stop airing a talk show hosted by ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) MP Vladimir Djukanovic up to the elections”, the Serbian Association of Journalists (UNS) said.  

Zekic told UNS that “Djukanovic, as an official and political party representative, cannot gost the show before the elections”. “The elections were postponed during the state of emergency and there were no legal obstacles to his hosting the show,” she said.  

The Slavko Curuvija Foundation filed a complaint with the REM on Wednesday against the TV station saying that it failed to abide by the law on electronic media and REM rules by airing Djukanovic’s show.