Thaci: I will respect the Decision of the Constitutional Court

NEWS 02.05.2020 16:36
Source: N1

Kosovo President Hasim Thaci said on Saturday he will respect the decision of the Constitutional Court to suspend his presidential decree on the nomination of a new prime minister to replace Acting Prime Minister Albin Kurti until May 29.

Thaci signed last week a decree on the nomination of Abdullah Hoti, a member of the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK,) as Prime Minister-designate.

Hoti’s party asked for an extraordinary parliament session to be held on Saturday at which Hoti and his cabinet would be approved.

But Kurti’s Self-Determination party complained to the Constitutional Court about Thaci’s presidential decree, claiming it was unconstitutional.

The court ruled in their favour.

Moments after the ruling was announced, Thaci said in a Facebook post that he will respect the ruling and urged other Kosovo politicians to do the same.

“I was just informed about the decision of Kosovo’s Constitutional Court. As the president of the Republic, I will respect the decision entirely,” Thaci wrote.

“Kosovo has a significant experience in respecting all decisions and rulings of the Constitutional Court. This experience provides strong evidence of the rule of law in Kosovo,” he said.

Isa Mustafa, the leader of the Democratic League of Kosovo, LDK, stated that his party will also respect the decision but added that it remains dedicated to the formation of a new government.

The LDK had previously formed a coalition with Kurti’s party but then split with it over Kurti’s dismissal of one of LDK’s ministers.

The LDK introduced a motion of no confidence which the parliament approved on March 25, ending Kurti’s government after only 51 days.

The LDK said in a statement that it believes Hoti will form a new government after the Court’s final ruling.