No more works during state of emergency in downtown Belgrade

NEWS 29.04.2020 18:49
Source: N1

After last night's protest of the residents of the Belgrade central Dorcol district, the City Direction for Land and Construction decided to stop the traffic infrastructure works there until the end of the state of emergency, the FoNet news agency reported on Wednesday.

 A local organisation staged a protest late on Tuesday against the works on the trolleybus network during the curfew imposed during the state of emergency.

The residents said that the workers, most of them without masks and in close groups,  made an unbearable noise during the night.

People gathered outside despite the curfew, but no arrest took place.

The Direction condemned the leaders of the central Stari Grad municipality, the only held by the opposition in Belgrade, for „jeopardising the safety of the workers, those gathered… abusing their position.“ It added it would file criminal charges.

„The traffic infrastructure works are important in reducing the pollution in that part of the city,“ the Directions said.