Some Belgraders won’t be anyone’s hostage anymore, others will obey curfew

Source: N1

The decision the curfew from Thursday at 6 pm until Monday 5 am has not been official yet, but the medical experts believe that will be necessary to prevent the coronavirus spread, but not everyone has been happy with the possible 83-hour ‘quarantine,’ N1 reported.

 A young couple said they would not withstand.

„We won’t be anyone’s hostage anymore. Thank you, goodbye,” they told N1 reporter.

Some found the escape by going to grandparents in a village “where we have two houses.”

Others said they would ‘survive,’ adding it would be tough, but “I have books and music.”

“I work from home,” a P.E. professor said, adding she practised at home and that “fulfils me.”

The epidemiologists insist on the long curfew during the May 1 holiday since people are used to going out in large groups and celebrate it with barbecue.

That, the experts warned, could spread the coronavirus infection and imperil the so far good epidemic situation.

The duration of curfew will be discussed on Wednesday night and Thursday, the epidemiologists say.