Speaker throws opposition MPs out of Serbian parliament

NEWS 29.04.2020 14:50
Source: RTS

Speaker Maja Gojkovic threw three opposition MPs out of the second day of a Serbian Parliament session on Wednesday because they refused to wear gloves and masks.

Gojkovic interrupted Prime Minister Ana Brnabic to ask Dosta je Bilo MPs Sasa Radulovic, Branka Stamenkovic and Vojin Biljic to put on masks and gloves which were made available to everyone at the entrance to the building. 

“You came here to create an incident. Put on masks and gloves. There will be no discussion about government measures. Leave if you won’t follow those measures,” she told the MPs.  

The Dosta Je Bilo MPs walked out of the session after the speaker refused to allow them to speak. “The rules apply to everyone, this is a serious state,” Gojkovic said as they were leaving.

Stamenkovic told reporters later that Gojkovic “suddenly demanded to know why we weren’t wearing masks” just half an hour before DJB leader Radulovic was scheduled to speak.