‘Noise Against Dictatorship’ across Serbia for the third night in a row

NEWS 28.04.2020 22:30
Source: N1

People across Serbia made a laud noise at 8:05 pm for the third night in a row, accepting the idea of the Don’t Let Belgrade Drawn Initiative and Civil Front, to use whistles, pots, loud music and whatever they wanted to express dissatisfaction what they saw as a dictatorship in the country, N1 reported.

 The noise echoed in Belgrade, the southern city of Nis, northern city of Novi Sad and other places.

According to video clips sent to N1, more people joined the noise was louder than the night before.

The protest in Belgrade was held in almost all parts, lasting up to 15 minutes.

The noise starts after the already traditional applause for the medical staff fighting for the patients infected with coronavirus which is held at 8 pm.