European Movement President: Good relations with EU – Serbia's absolute priority

NEWS 26.04.2020 12:57
Source: N1

Jelica Minic, the President of European Movement in Serbia, said it was not good giving inappropriate statements especially if Serbia counts on the European Union membership, stressing that good relations with the Union is an absolute priority for Serbia.

“EU is our future and our past and that’s maintaining the good relations with EU is absolutely a priority for Serbia,” Minic told N1.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, she said, there was no solidarity within the bloc but it changed once the countries started dealing with this problem.

“There was no adequate response when Serbia and the Western Balkan countries asked for help. But, as the countries started working on it and cope with the pandemic, the situation with aid got relaxed. The aid deliveries opened for the Western Balkan countries, as well as financial aid, China joined as well and not only to Serbia but to Italy as well,” said Minic, recalling that Russia also provided assistance.

“But one should not forget that the EU provided significant financial help and not only to fight the pandemic but also to face its consequences,” she added. 

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According to her, it is never good giving inappropriate statements especially if Serbia counts on the EU membership.

“We need the EU, it is absolutely our main partner, we don’t live in Asia but in Europe. It is also important to us in terms of trade, investments, political cooperation… EU is our future and our past, and that’s why it is important to maintain good relations with the EU as Serbia’s absolute priority,” Minic underlined.

She argued that Russia and China cannot play an important role in what is coming next, which is the recovery of Serbia’s economy, stressing that Serbia has to act cooperatively and work with EU if it is taking seriously its long-term strategic interests.

According to her, the pandemic has in a way made easier the decision-making process regarding the accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia.

“Situation could be used for a good scenario but, as analyst Bieber warned, there is another scenario that could lead to further tensions in the region,” said Minic.

Speaking about Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, she commenced the appointment of Miroslav Lajcak as the EU’s special envoy for this matter.

“He already started consultations, we can expect that the EU will play a more active role in the upcoming period, considering that the US laid the groundwork for the EU to speed up the pace,” she added.