N1 calls for reaction of state officials in stopping attacks on N1 reporters

NEWS 25.04.2020 19:42
Source: N1

Pro-government media in Serbia have continued a special war against N1's reporters and are doing everything to discredit them, N1 said in response to continuous attacks on its reporters and called for the urgent reaction of the state officials.

One of the models of that special war is to use websites, created specifically for that purpose, and combine the photos of N1’s reporters taken from their social network profiles, from various periods of their lives, with other planted photos to create a context of “impropriety,” N1 said.

It is their new strategy to make photos of N1’s reporters at official press conferences of the President of the State in order to create an image that would humiliate and trigger the worst sexist prejudices, said N1, adding that pro-government media are doing everything to compromise the reporters of N1.

“The latest example is a continuous and several weeks’ long insulting of N1’s reporter Zaklina Tatalovic by the editor and owner of tabloid Informer, Dragan Vucicevic, on his Twitter profile. Wild, rude and sexist bullying by this man aimed against journalist Zaklina Tatalovic is happening with the silent approval of the state. He was not disturbed by the condemnations coming from public, media associations or the Equality Protection Commissioner. N1 calls on the Government’s Coordination Body for Gender Equality and its chairperson, minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Prime Minister Ana Brnabic as well as judicial bodies to immediately, without any delay, condemn and stop these attacks and to bring in the minimum of decency and gender equality into Serbia’s public space,” said the statement.

N1 also said it would address all international media and other organisations for the protection of the integrity of its reporters and to stop these “wild sexist attacks.”