Equality Protection Commissioner condemns sexist comments against N1's reporter

NEWS 25.04.2020 11:32
Source: N1

Serbia's Equality Protection Commissioner, Brankica Jankovic, condemned as “absolutely impermissible” tweets by Informer's editor Dragan Vucicevic and sexists comments he addressed to N1's reporter Zaklina Tatalovic.

“The Informer editor’s tweets about reporter Zaklina Tatalovic deserve the strongest condemnation. They are an example of sexism which is absolutely impermissible in public communication and whose targets are female journalists and other women dealing with public professions,” the commissioner tweeted on Saturday, hours after an opposition party called for her reaction.

Serbian opposition party SSP asked the Commissioner to act swiftly and stop the torture of N1’s reporter Zaklina Tatalovic, who has been exposed to attacks over the past weeks.

“Editor of (pro-government daily tabloid) Informer, Dragan Vucicevic, has been for weeks making sexist insults and humiliating this woman on his Twitter profile, writing disgusting Tweets, using her photos with the most recent one – made at the President of the state’s press conference, being absolutely inappropriate,” the Party of Freedom and Justice (SSP) said in a statement, demanding from the commissioner Jankovic to use all available instruments and stop the campaign against N1’s reporter. 

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The party also recalled that the Informer’s editor has already paid dozens of million dinars for “brutal insults” and “accusations on all kinds of grounds” to those who sued him.

“He spread his dirty job to social networks and it is your duty to stop him, especially if you take into account that besides an obvious maniacal behaviour this campaign is also an attempt to prevent one journalist from doing her job – asking questions in the interest of public,” the SSP said.