FM: Elections in Serbia within Constitutional deadline

NEWS 24.04.2020 12:44
Source: Tanjug / Rade Prelić

Serbia's Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Friday that general and local elections would be held in the country "in the shortest possible time stipulated by the Constitution and laws," the Beta news agency reported.

„I cannot mention concrete dates, that is still to be discussed,“ he told the Belgrade Politika daily in an interview.

On Thursday, President Aleksandar Vucicsaid he did not know whether the vote would be held on June 28, as speculated in the public.

Earlier, the elections were called for the end of April, and Dacic said the coronavirus epidemic stopped the election process at the very beginning.

„The vote was called, the process started but then was stopped to prevent the infection from spreading. So, the Constitution obliges us to go on with the elections activities immediately after conditions are met,“ Dacic said.

He promised that all those who would take part in the elections would have enough time to present their policies to the people.

The main opposition parties said they would boycott the vote due to „unfair conditions, mainly regarding the access to the media under the state control.“