Kosovo opposition rejects Serbian donation of 1,000 Covid-19 tests

NEWS 19.04.2020 18:41
Source: N1

The shipment of 1,000 coronavirus tests from Serbia, recently submitted to the Kosovo Institute of Public Health in Pristina, prompted the opposition and part of the Kosovo public to criticize Albin Kurti's outgoing government once more.

A petition has been launched to reject the shipment, and the deputy chairman of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) Veterans Association, Nasim Haradinaj, demanded an urgent investigation by the parliamentary commission and the Prosecution, and called on the Pristina Institute of Public Health to throw the tests in the trash, KosSev portal wrote on Sunday.

On the other hand, publicist and writer Veton Suroi sees nothing controversial in the donation from Belgrade.

Kossev wrote that several Pristina media outlets reported Sunday that a petition has been launched in Kosovo to „bring together all opponents of aid from Serbia“, urging the government to cancel the recent shipment of 1,000 tests, which arrived in Pristina as a donation from the Serbian government.