Serbian Education Minister reacts to lesson on NATO

NEWS 17.04.2020 15:00
Source: N1

Serbian Education Minister Mladen Sarcevic on Friday reacted to a 6th grade TV lesson about NATO warning that teachers have to make sure that nothing in their TV and on-line clases clashes with government policies.

 A ministry press release said that the lesson on international organizations, including NATO was aired on April 8 with the teacher saying that the Alliance’s program and goal is “the resolving of disputes between warring sides”.  

It quoted the minister as saying that “experts working on textbooks have to pay attention to every sentence “which could cause polemics which are not in accord with Serbian policies and the violation of its territorial integrity”. Sarcevic added that he expects all institutions whose job is to monitor classes and work with advisors to show responsibility.  

The ministry said that “after the 1999 bombings, Kosovo was placed under UN administration to keep the population safe, Serbia is a member of the NATO Partnership for Peace program but that in foreign policy it is a militarily neutral state”. It said that “work is underway continuously to improve and check the content of textbooks to make sure the information in them is correct”.