Journalists’ organization condemns attacks on reporter

NEWS 16.04.2020 11:31
Source: Nezavisno društvo novinara Vojvodine

The Independent Society of Journalists of Vojvodina (NDNV) on Thursday condemned the cyber campaign against journalist Ana Lalic.

A statement warned that attacks against Lalic, a member of the NDNV board, were continuing on social networks and digital platforms and recalled that they began when she was arrested for reporting on the situation in the Vojvodina Clinical Center. “After Lalic was arrested and detained for several hours early this month for a story on protection for medical staff during the pandemic, the attacks on her continued on social networks and platforms,” the statement said and added that Lalic was released following an outcry from local and international organizations.  

“Dangerous messages include accusations that she is working against the state and there are paid advertisement on several Google services,” the NDNV said. “The campaign against Lalic is an evident example of hate speech and shows that society has not done anything to find a system solution to fight this type of extremism nor have institutions shown any intention of finally starting to implement regulations that sanction things like this,” it said.  

The NDNV warned “decision makers” that hate speech has reached a level at which society is at the brink of a conflict.