SNS official first deceives public, then says – well done UG

NEWS 15.04.2020 21:54
Source: N1

The Mayor of Serbia's northern city of Novi Sad and ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) vice president, told the Vecernje Novosti daily that President Aleksandar Vucic put in superhuman efforts to prevent the system from falling apart, and secure that all medical staff have protective gear, adding that Serbia had more ventilators than many economically more powerful countries, N1 reported.

In the interview with the daily, Vucevic said that „people lead a campaign against own nation and country. Where are they, what are they doing, why they don’t help at least financially, if can’t or don’t know how otherwise? Have (an opposition leader Dragan) Djilas and (founder and UG Chairman of Advisory Board Dragan) Solak, skilful experts in grabbing money from people and country, bought a single ventilator?

Since Dragan Solak is one on the co-owners of the United Group which has donated three million US Dollars in medical equipment to the region, a million of which has been allocated to Serbia, N1 called Vucevic to ask him if he knew about the UG donation.

„Congratulations, well done United Group,“ Vucevic briefly answered.

When asked why he misled the public with the statement, he said: „You are recording this to appear smarter than everybody else. Have a nice day. Long live Serbia.“

People in Serbia haven’t had a chance to hear or read about the UG donation in the majority of media in the country.

None of the TV channels with national frequency or pro-regime tabloids reported that the United Group donated a million Euro to the country’s health care system for ventilators and other equipment which had been ordered and paid for on March 15.

Besides, the United Group donated 236,000 surgical masks worth 71,000 US Dollars.