Dacic: No Air Serbia flights without president’s approval

NEWS 06.04.2020 21:10
Source: N1

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said on Monday that President Aleksandar Vucic approves every Air Serbia flight which brings home Serbian nationals from other countries during the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that Air Serbia will fly to Paris and Frankfurt on Tuesday with plans to fly to Washington soon where 700 people are waiting to get back to Serbia. He said that there will be no flights to Italy and Spain for the moment and added that no one is stranded at airports any longer.  

“People are being returned by priorities, students, people on business trips first and then tourists and people who lost their jobs,” the Foreign Minister said. He added that some people decided not to fly home after being told that they have to into quarantine.  

Dacic said that the government covers the cost of the flights and that the Serbian Oil Industry (NIS) provided fuel. According to the minister, Air Serbia is engaged in the important job of brining in medical supplies on flights paid for by the European Union.