Serbia cares about everyone's health, regardless of ethnicity, Vucic says

NEWS 06.04.2020 13:16
Source: TANJUG/Irfan Ličina

Serbia's President Aleksandar Vucic said in the southwestern town of Novi Pazar on Monday that the delivery of ten clinical and three mobile respirators proved that Belgrade did not care about the ethnicity and that the state would fight for everyone's health, the Beta news agency reported.

Novi Pazar, with a majority of the Bosniak population, is the first municipality in the country that Vucic has visited since the outbreak of the pandemic.

After meeting with the members of the local Crisis Team, Vucic said that 22,000 surgical and 3,000 epidemic masks, thousands of gloves and 250 protective suits were sent to Novi Pazar’s hospital.

„I came to tell people in Novi Pazar that we’re all together in this struggle. We brought a lot of aid here to stay in Novi Pazar, not only to be used in this crisis,“ he said.

Vucic recalled that 22 people were confirmed infected with coronavirus in the town, including three children.