Commissioner Jankovic: Many women exposed to sexism even during pandemic

NEWS 04.04.2020 13:57
Source: N1

Many women are exposed to sexism and inappropriate comments even during the period of the state of emergency, according to Brankica Jankovic, Serbia's Commissioner for Equality Protection.

“It is completely unbelievable that those prejudices and stereotypes exist during the state of emergency,” Jankovic told N1, mentioning the attack on N1’s reporter Zaklina Tatalovic and doctor Darija Kisic-Tepacevic.

“The attack on doctor Kisic-Tepacevic is impermissible, but not on her only. You had a chance to see (the attack) on visual art teacher, who was devoted to her job, and on reporter Zaklina Tatalovic, who was also exposed to impermissible speech and sexism on social networks. We condemned it,” she stressed, adding that the many could not resist and commented on the women based on their appearance or referring to them as to objects.

“It doesn’t mean at all we are allowed to comment on someone’s appearance or that the teacher who was doing her job is exposed to comments, especially because many of them were forced to get used to public speeches,” she explained.

According to Jankovic, there were also comments on the oldest part of the population and those infected with the coronavirus.

“Many of them contacted us because they were insulted or because they were not provided healthcare. The right to healthcare was not cancelled nor should be derogated during the state of emergency,” she said, adding that some of those who returned from the work abroad were also under attack or even appeared on cover pages of some daily newspaper.