NUNS: Serbia jeopardises media freedom, safety of independent journalists

NEWS 03.04.2020 20:47
Source: N1

The Independent Association of Serbia's Journalists (NUNS) protested on Friday over the state's "hastily" decisions, abuse of the institutions and judiciary and the pro-regime media attacks on independent journalists in the last few days," the FoNet news agency reported.

NUNS also warned the public of an increasing violation of freedom of speech, journalists’ safety and the flow of true and timely information.

It added that the detention of Ana Lalic, a journalist with website, call for the arrest of the Danas daily reporter Snezana Congradin and targeting Zaklina Tatalovic and Jugoslav Cosic, a reporter and the editor of N1 TV respectively, were clear signs that the space for professional reporting was narrowing.


 „We justifiably fear that the state of emergency due to the coronavirus may become similar to the situation we were in during the 1999 bombing since many players from that time are again in power,“ NUNS said.

It warned the authorities not to use the problems caused by the pandemic to restrict media freedoms and silence the journalists.