AP: Vucic assumes full power under state of emergency

Source: Tanjug

The Associated Press said on Tuesday that Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has assumed full power during the state of emergency which includes some of the strictest measures that have been imposed in Europe to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

        “The Serbian leader, who makes dramatic daily appearances issuing new decrees, has assumed full power, prompting an outcry from opponents who say he has seized control of the state in an unconstitutional manner,” the AP said, adding that since the “open-ended state of emergency was declared on March 15, parliament has been sidelined, borders shut, a 12-hour police-enforced curfew imposed and people over 65 banned from leaving their homes”.  

“Serbia’s president warned residents that Belgrade’s graveyards won’t be big enough to bury the dead if people ignore his government’s lockdown orders,” it said added that the images of a huge hall at Belgrade Fair being transformed into a makeshift hospital “has triggered widespread public fear of the detention camp-looking facility”.

 “According to Johns Hopkins University, testing (for the coronavirus in Serbia) has been extremely limited and experts believe the figures greatly under-represent the real number of victims,” the AP story said.  

The whole story is available on the AP web site here.