Long queues outside Belgrade shops after Vucic says may introduce 24-hour curfew

NEWS 30.03.2020 19:53
Source: N1

The latest measures introduced by Serbia’s officials limited the working hours of retail stores to 3 pm during the week and 1 pm on weekends and completely closed open markets to prevent the spreading the coronavirus pandemic, N1 reported on Monday.

Also, the city’s streets will be treated with sodium hypochlorite as soon as enough material is secured. Many people warned that the treatment would imperil numerous stray dogs and cats.

However, the most upsetting news was President Aleksandar Vucic’s statement about a possibility to impose a 24-hour curfew.

Speaking to a TV late on Sunday, Vucic said that the decision might be brought within two or three days if people continue to behave irresponsibly.

He said he didn’t know how that would function because that would be the first time for him. But added shopping would not be allowed.

That made Belgraders to rush to food stores, queuing to buy supplies. Some, as N1 TV showed with masks and gloves, some without.

Also, the so-called social distance up to two meters apart could hardly be obeyed in such long queues, especially in the central streets.