Lajcak confirmed as EU envoy to Belgrade-Pristina talks

Source: REUTERS/Arben Celi

Former Slovak Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak has been confirmed as European Union Special Representative for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and the Western Balkans, Radio Free Europe reported on Friday.

Lajcak will spend most of his time focused on the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue and normalization of their relations. EU sources said that he would also focus on good neighbor relations and the rule of law in the region.  

Lajcak is to take office on April 1 and will be headquartered in Brussels but he will most probably not be in that office because of the coronavirus pandemic. He has been appointed for a one-year term and has a budget of 1.2 million Euro.  

Lajcak was nominated for the post by EU High Representative Josep Borrell.