Eighth victim to coronavirus in Serbia

NEWS 27.03.2020 14:09
Source: Reuters

A 60-year-old man died two days ago in the western town of Sabac, after being tested positive on COVID-19 virus, bringing a total of fatal cases in the country to eight, Branko Vujkovic, acting head of the Public Health Centre said on Friday.

Although the deceased did not fit into the case definition, he experienced the first symptoms on March 23, and the next day reported to local COVID infirmary with higher temperature but sent to home treatment, the doctors said

After his condition worsened, he was admitted to the infectious ward on March 25 where he was tested on the virus. The passed away the same day.
The doctors said the man had other health issues like high blood pressure, was diabetic and overweight.

They add the man has had many contacts who are now being tested.

So far, 457 coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Serbia.