Serbia's tennis player Djokovic donates million Euro in medical equipment

NEWS 27.03.2020 13:27

The world #1 tennis players, a Belgrade-born Novak Djokovic said on Friday that he and his wife would donate a million Euro worth medical equipment including respirators through their Foundation, N1 reported.

 „The respirators are now the most needed medical equipment for saving lives,“ Djokovic said, adding he would get them from China and Germany.

He said that the Foundation had to collect information in past weeks, on what was the most urgent so that they could decide what to donate.

His wife Jelena said that „there were not enough respirators (at the market). Their price is between ten and 15,000, and the question is whether it will be the final cost.“

She added they followed the quality criteria and the time for the delivery.

Djokovic said the Foundation would further help „within its possibility. As in the case of the floods (in 2014), the Foundation will open a separate account to meet demands from our people from abroad to help concretely.“