Fabrizi: First shipment of EU aid arriving

NEWS 26.03.2020 20:53
Source: N1 (arhiva)

European Union Delegation chief Sem Fabrizi told the Serbian state TV (RTS) that the first EU aid will be flown to Belgrade on Thursday evening.

Fabrizi said that the rest of the 15 million Euro worth of aid intended to combat the coronavirus pandemic will arrive in the next few days. “We are working with the Serbian authorities who asked the EU for help… I am optimistic that the necessary things will be delivered in a short time,” he said.  

He recalled that the EU had approved 93 million Euro in aid to Serbia – 15 million for urgent needs and 78 for economic recovery – and added that the EU had approved the aid very quickly. “The Serbian government declared a state of emergency on March 15 and sent its first request for aid on March 16. The first grant was signed last Friday and the first shipment arrives this week,” Fabrizi said.