CoE: Serbian regulations not in line with European Social Charter

NEWS 26.03.2020 17:58
Source: Frederick Florin/AFP

A Council of Europe (CoE) rights watchdog body said in a report that Serbia has not brought its regulations in line with the parts of the European Social Charter protecting the rights of children, families and migrants.

The European Committee of Social Rights said in its latest report that Serbia’s regulations are in line with the European Charter in just five of 28 analyzed areas – banning night work, paid vacation for minors (under 18), a ban on hiring minors for hazardous jobs, training young people at work and allowing new mothers a break at work to breast feed their babies.  

Serbia does not respect the CoE Convention in 12 areas, including a ban on employing anyone under the age of 15, more than 35 working hours a week for young people and wages for minors. Serbian regulations on the rights of migrants to jobs and housing, legal aid and the right to keep families together.  

The Committee said that it had not received enough information to assess the situation in 11 other areas. Its conclusions are based on an analysis of the situation between January 1 2014 and December 31 2017. Serbia filed its report on the implementation of the Social Charter on March 8, 2019 even though the deadline was October 31, 2018.