Coronavirus outbreak in Western Balkans: 1501 confirmed infected, 19 died

Source: sreenshot

According to data available so far, the Western Balkans countries reported a total of 1501 confirmed cases of COVID-19 virus infection and 19 deaths.

Here are data for the individual regional country:

Albania – 146 cases, five deaths

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 185 cases, three deaths

Croatia – 481 cases, one death

Kosovo – 61 cases, one death

Montenegro – 67 cases, one death

North Macedonia – 177 cases, one death

Serbia – 384 cases, six deaths  

At this moment the number of infected in the world is 472,000 in at least 170 countries and territories, while more than 21,000 have died since the outbreak of the pandemic, and nearly 115,000 people have recovered from the coronavirus, according to data published by Aljazeera.