Kosovo government loses confidence vote

Source: N1

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti’s cabinet lost a confidence vote in parliament late on Wednesday, Radio TV Kosovo (RTK) reported.

MPs passed the no confidence vote with 82 to 32 with one abstention.  

The vote was initiated by Isa Mustafa’s Democratic Alliance of Kosovo (DAK), coalition partner to Kurti’s Vetevendosje (self-determination) after the prime minister fired Internal Affairs Minister Agim Veliu without consulting the DAK which he was obliged to do under the coalition agreement.  

Mustafa’s party also opposed to Kurti’s intention of gradually revoking the 100 percent tariffs on imports from Serbia, claiming that the decision harms Kosovo’s relations with the United States.  

The Serb List said it was voting against the government because it failed to meet the interests of the Serb community and did not revoke the tariffs.  

The political confrontation began a week earlier when the government opposed President Hashim Thaci’s intention to declare a state of emergency.