Supernova cable operator charging former clients

NEWS 24.03.2020 20:55
Source: N1

The Supernova state-controlled cable operator is facing law suits for charging people who terminated their contracts in January and February, claiming that the terminations are the fault of their former clients and not because of the announced changes in the channel offer.

The change in Supernova’s offer came on January 18 after the contract between that cable operator which is owned by Telekom Serbia and United Media expired leaving its clients without N1, Sport Klub channels, Cinemania, Grand and others.

The former Supernova clients were sent steep bills with an explanation that they have to pay what remains on their contracts. Ivan Bojovic, a New Belgrade resident, received a bill for 26,000 Dinars (1 Euro – 118 Dinars) after following all regulations and citing the law when he requested a termination of his contract. He has reported the case to the market inspection.

The Efektiva consumer protection organization met with Supernova officials on Tuesday to discuss the bills sent to former clients but failed to reach an agreement which that organization feels would be in line with the law.