Curfew takes effect in Serbia, applause for medical staff across Belgrade

NEWS 18.03.2020 20:30
Source: N1

As of 8 pm on Wednesday, the curfew, as a part of the declared state of emergency, is in place in Serbia and will end at 5 am on Thursday, with people applauding to doctors from their balconies and windows, N1 reported.

Central Belgrade’s streets were empty, but at the same time, people on balconies and windows loudly applauded to doctors and other medical staff for their struggle against COVID-19 virus pandemic.

The idea is to do that every night during the epidemic.

There was a smaller incident with a woman in the city’s centre who refused to go home.

The police asked her to go on her own, but she didn’t want and started swearing at the officers. They then asked for her ID and forcibly escorted her to her home, N1 reporter said.

Serbia introduced the state of emergency throughout the country on Sunday, and the curfewon Wednesday from 8 pm to 5 am the next day to limit the transmission of the coronavirus pandemic.