Belgrade’s landmarks in colours of Italy, China, Spain, Iran and France

Source: N1

Serbia’s capital Belgrade will mark its landmarks with the national colours of the coronavirus pandemic most affected countries: Italy, China, Spain, Iran and France, the city’s official website published on Wednesday.

Andreja Mladenovic, an assistant to the Mayor of Belgrade, said that it was a symbolic sign of the support of the people who were fighting coronavirus pandemic, and the gratitude to China for all the help that country gave to Serbia.

The central city’s landmarks, like bridges and significant buildings, will first be in the Italian flag colours on March 19 and 20, then it will change into Chines national colours on March 20 and 21.

Spain colours will be on the landmarks on March 23 and 24, Iranian on March 25 and 26 and French during the next two days.

The message, Mladenovic said, was that there was no surrender and that “together we can win over this monster conquering the whole world.”